“Before and after wedding makeup!”: The makeup artist transformed the brides the way their grooms hardly recognized them

The grooms hardly recognized their brides after they visited a beauty salon

On the most important and remarkable day of their life, all the brides desire to look flawless and desirable in order to charm each and every guess there and, in the course of the rest of their life, look at their heartwarming wedding photos with admiration. That’s why most of them visit a beauty salon and ask the professional masters to apply wedding makeup which differs from that of everyday life with its stability and luxuriousness.

Today’s fantastic works were done by makeup artist Arber Bytyqi whose great talent and professionalism leave everyone speechless. It should be noted that her works are so impressive and phenomenal that grooms hardly recognize their brides as soon as they come back from the beauty salon.

What a gorgeous lady!

Wow! She has become even more feminine and charming.

Simply stunning!

She is hard to recognize after visiting the beauty salon.

How talented and praiseworthy the makeup artist actually is! Bravo!

The bright red lipstick suits her the best.

Arber definitely managed to highlight her good sides and advantages.

How impressive!

A mind-blowing and fantastic transformation!

It seems as if these are two totally different women here.

Arber brilliantly concealed all her flaws making her bumpy and “imperfect” skin much smoother.

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