„Ageless beauties“: Overall-known celebrities whose appearance changed only for better over time

Here are iconic beauties who gained even more charm in the course of time

It should be noted that one can’t avoid the aging process and go against the rules of nature. Aging is an absolutely normal stage of life that everyone should accept and experience. However, if we compare the opportunities people are endowed with today and in past, it, of course, becomes clear that now people can turn to a number of beauty procedures and plastic surgeries in order to temporarily maintain their youth.
There have been many cases when popular stars turned to plastic surgeries whereas over time their charm disappeared and they started to look even worse than they would without having undergone the procedures.

M. Pfeiffer

Unlike Melania Griffith, who has undergone numerous plastic operations and her face lost all its unique features, Pfeiffer, at her 62, still manages to win millions of hearts.

J. Moore

Though Julianne Moore is already in her 60s, the iconic woman still looks unsurpassable and stunning.

L. Vaikule

As the gorgeous star confessed, she has had one single injection – Botox, and is more than sure that a woman herself can look attractive and worthy of admiration even without any beauty procedures.

H. Berry

Though Halle is already 54, she still doesn’t cease to delight and make everyone admire her gorgeous appearance.

D. Keaton

There is no need to say 75-year-old Diane looks much younger than she really is and manages to maintain her charm and elegance over years.

R. Wright

In the 1980s there was probably no one who didn’t dream of looking like Robin from the Santa Barbara television series. Robin Wright is well-known starring in „House of Cards“. And currently, iconic 54-year-old woman looks just amazing.

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