“A unique newborn without a nose”: How has the girl with a rare anomaly born without a nose changed?

The baby born without a nose is one of the 100 people with this rare anomaly

Meet Tessa, at the first sight an ordinary little girl who, like all her contemporaries, is fond of taking walks, actively dancing and playing with friends. However, the child was born with an extremely rare condition. She was born without a nose which is the fact that leaves all people speechless.

It should be noted that only 100 people have been born with this diagnosis and Tessa is listed among them. In case of this serious condition, one part or organ of a body is missing on the individual.

Nevertheless, the charming girl is able to sneeze, cough and, what is more, sometimes catches cold. But the fact that she doesn’t have a sense of smell is undeniable.

Despite this rare anomaly, nothing prevents her from fully enjoying her life. She behaves as a totally normal and unproblematic kid.

There is no need to say that the absence of the nose of their daughter initially shocked the parents who soon got used to it and were ready to accept Tessa the way she was.

It is relevant to mentioned that before the unusual girl was born, the doctors warned her parents that something was definitely wrong with her face which they knew due to the ultra sound. They were suggested to end the pregnancy, yet the spouses strongly refused to. Though she is different, Tessa is not anyhow worse than the others around her.

Yet the anomaly is not the only disorder she was born with. The girl has serious problems with her heart and eyes as well. At the age of 11 months, the baby had to be operated on to get rid of the cataract she had. Whereas misfortunately, there emerged post-operation complications and her one eye became blind.

Owing to doctors’ effort and tracheostomy, the girl now has the opportunity to breathe while eating and sleeping.

It should be noted as well that the medical staff plans on giving her an artificial nose as soon as she grows up.

Her devoted parents and loving siblings always support Tessa and don’t let her lose her hope for the better.

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