“A 27-year-old girl looking like a granny”: Here is a young girl possessing appearance like that of a granny

The girl with Premature Aging Syndrome: Did her kids inherit her condition?

Today’s incredible story is about this absolutely unique 27-year-old girl who was born with a premature aging syndrome, a very rare condition occurring in today’s reality.

Meet Ekaterina Nezhentseva, a youthful girl looking 60-70 due to her serious condition. In the course of her life, Katya has taken an active part in a number of reality shows.

Everything was alright until the time the doctors revealed the baby’s rare condition. They were even more than sure that the poor girlie wouldn’t manage to live long.

Despite her condition, Ekaterina grew up as an absolutely ordinary girl and everything was alright with her health. However, as it is clearly seen, she looks very old and exhausted.

Many suggested that the girl should undergo a plastic surgery, whereas her family’s financial state prevented that from happening.

She was, fortunately, greatly assisted and offered financial help from a number of surgeons.

However, Ekaterina has always been the center of attention among men. Katya’s first husband was an accountant and first contacted her by chance.

The spouses had two heirs, yet the youngest one, unluckily, inherited his mother’s rare syndrome. In the course of time, there were conflicts and disagreements between the spouses and they, unfortunately, divorced.

Whereas our heroine soon met another man who was eager to take care of her children.

Here is the absolutely unique family!

Have you ever heard of such a rare syndrome?


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