„11 standards of absolute beauty“: Here are people from different nationalities possessing unique appearance

Here are given 11 standards of absolute beauty in different cultures

It is worth mentioning that every one of us has their unique perception of what beauty actually is. Though we may not understand or support standards of beauty accepted in other nations and cultures, we should always be tolerant and not take sides.


The Irish are often distinguished with their green eyes and red hair. Whereas today, it is almost impossible to meet an Irish possessing such an appearance.


Apart from possessing fair skin, the representatives of this nation have quite big eyes and straight nose.


In this country, girls and women tend to undergo rhinoplasty since straight noses are highly appreciated.

South Korea

In South Korea, women with heart-shaped faces are considered to be beautiful, feminine and attractive.


It should be noted that most French girls and women are strongly against using cosmetics and tend to look in a completely natural way.


This nation highly values thick and, to some extent, untidy eyebrows and it is unlikely to meet a native with thin eyebrows.

Saudi Arabia

As it is overall-known, Arab girls and women are well aware of how to properly use eyeliners one of the reasons of which is that only their face is visible to others, hence they try to make it look more highlighted and impressive.


Among the prioritizes in China is white and somehow pale skin being one of the fundamental aspects of being beautiful.


In this country, most people tend to wear very long rings around their necks, probably in order to make their necks visibly longer.

New Zealand

What concerns New Zealand, tattoos are considered a must and it is a shame for those who don’t have any. It should be noted that tattoos are way more appreciated than any kind of jewelry.


The larger the hole in their lower lips is, the more beautiful and attractive they seem to others.

Share some surprising standards of beauty in your own country!


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