You can’t look at them without tears. Celebrities who looked better before plastic operations

The majority of women think that in order to look young and attractive, they need a lot of money.

That’s why celebrities are so beautiful. They invest a lot of money in their appearance. Nevertheless, there are instances of how fabulous wealth and the pursuit of the ideal turned them into “freaks”. But before plastic operations, they were quite attractive and beautiful. Before the plastic operations, people were fascinated as well as idolized them. However, it looks like they wanted to get closer to excellence. But, unfortunately, currently, you can’t look at them without tears. These celebrities have changed their appearance for the worse.

Lindsey Lohan

Meg Ryan

Spelling Thor

Donatella Versace

Janet Jackson

La Toya Jackson

Heidi Montag

Jocelyn Windelstein

Tara Reid

Joan Rivers

Victoria Beckham

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