Who is Dolph’s new lover? Lundgren married a girl ​​with the same age as his daughter  

Dolph Lundgren was well-known and loved by the domestic public back in the 90s.

However, it was impossible not to pay attention to this tall, beautiful blonde with a snow-white smile as well as iron muscles. Action movies with the implication of a bright actor, reminiscent of a Viking warrior, instantly became famous.

However, even today, at 63, Dolph looks amazing as well as is in great shape. Recently, the media spread the news that the actor got married for the second time. With his first wife, Dolph has been since 1994, the couple was considered surprisingly powerful and durable by the standards of show business. Nevertheless, in 2011 the couple broke up. They have two daughters, the eldest of whom turned 24 this year, and the youngest is 19.

By the way, the new lover of the actor was a girl named Emma, ​​the same age as his eldest daughter. By the way, Emma is very similar to her daughter.

Dolph’s followers even joked about it. — Oh, Dolph, is your daughter engaged? Congratulations! – one of them wrote in the comments to a joint shot, where wedding rings are visible on the hands of a couple in love.

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