“Those who married a stray dog and a doll!”: The most unusual marriages showing pure love recognizes no limits

Here are the most extraordinary marriages that will definitely surprise you

Though love is the purest, the most positive and beautiful feeling on Earth, it, in fact, sometimes recognizes no boundaries and is able to leave us speechless. Such extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime cases are observed when some people form a romantic relationship with those who are much younger or older as well as the astonishing cases of marrying animals and dolls. Here, we will show you the most extraordinary and surprising marriages which undoubtedly won’t let anyone stay indifferent.

31-year-old Jones is happily married to Marjorie McCool who is in her 90s.

As the guy mentions, he finds elderly women much more attractive and is currently madly in love with McCool. They united in 2009 and are often confused for being an elderly granny with her grandson.

Here are V. Troyer and G. Gallen

While Gallen, a playboy model is 188 cm tall, her partner Verne Troyer, a popular actor, is only 82 cm. Whereas the film star clearly understands that the model decided to marry him for the sake of his wealth.

Mangli Munda from India married a stray dog!

Have you ever witnessed such a case? The most unusual marriage one has probably seen!

This 28-year-old man from China married a doll, however surprising it may seem!

The story behind this marriage is rather sad and tragic. The poor man, after learning that he was diagnosed for cancer, decided to marry a doll so as not to hurt a living human.

Meet the World’s hairiest man with his beloved wife!

Here is the hairiest man in front of you who possesses the thickest black hair in the entire world. Y. Zhenghuan is from China and is 32-year-old. Whereas his uniqueness didn’t prevent him from the family happiness. Currently, Yu is undergoing laser hair removal procedures and the situation is gradually getting much better.

A girl named Grace Gedler, after being absolutely lonely for six years, determined to marry herself.

According to the unique girl, she met no single descent man during these years and now claims that she doesn’t even need any.

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