This creative couple transformed an old school bus turning it into a luxurious house on wheels

Here is the fantastic transformation of this old school bus into a luxurious house

The spouses Robbie and Priscilla dedicated their life to their hobby, traveling all over the world which they both love the most. The couple was ready to do everything possible for realizing their dream, whereas everything should be without spending too much money and with comfort. That’s why, the unique spouses decided to transform an old school bus into a house where they could live and effortlessly travel wherever they wanted.

The transformation of the bus was done completely by the spouses without anyone else’s assistance. First, they cleaned the bus and got rid of the old furniture. They dyed the yellow bus white as it looked more gorgeous in this color.

When the renovation was over, they had to get the required furniture. Currently in the bus, there is a bedroom, kitchen, a washing machine and a comfy bathroom. There is a small stove as well for winter severe weather. All in all, the couple spent about a year and a half for the complete renovation. Robbie and Priscilla traveled to the USA and Canada.

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