“These bodyguards themselves look like celebrities”: Here are the bodyguards of stars who look like fashion models

How do these celebrities manage not to fall in love with their bodyguards?

It goes without saying that one of the most important factors for people, especially celebrities, is their safety. The stars clearly understand that their fans and ill-wishers not always can control their emotions, can ruin their personal space and even do a harm or rob them. That’s why all of them have already chosen professional and experienced bodyguards who can guarantee safety and security. But have you ever seen bodyguards who look so attractive and handsome that people couldn’t take their eyes off them immediately forgetting the celebrity they are trying to protect. Some of them are brutal and courageous and really look like fashion models.

Kim Kardashian accompanied with her loyal bodyguard!

Here is Beyonce’s bodyguard who can easily be confused with a model.

The fans of Victoria Beckham are simply delighted with the star’s blue-eyed bodyguard.

Adele’s protective bodyguard!

Perry has chosen a charismatic bodyguard!

The bodyguard of Jessica Chastain. He himself looks like a celebrity.

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