The star from “Wild Angel” surprised everyone with her splendid look in an attractive dress

The recent unusual look of actress Oreiro in a daring black dress with a neckline

The charming and demanded actress has already celebrated her 43th birthday which is something hard to believe since the woman remains the icon for millions and seems that she is not ever going to age. The film star’s absolutely unique and unrepeatable style is paid much attention as well.

Each time she appears in public or shares a photo becomes a sensation and her followers rush to compliment the cult celebrity in the comments section. And this time, Oreiro left everyone speechless appearing in a daring black dress with a relatively deep neckline highlighting her figure.

“You shouldn’t wear such dresses!”, “The absence of taste”, “Something weird!”.

Her makeup was criticized by many as well. “She looks older with such makeup”, “It can’t be more unsuccessful”.

How do you like her recent outfit?


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