“The Princess of People’s Hearts of today”: Duchess Middleton inherited most part of Princess Diana’s jewelry

Here are cases when duchess Middleton was wearing the late Princess’s jewelry

Many hold the opinion that duchess Middleton, who is adored by millions, has a lot of similarities with late Princess Diana. They both are love by the people of the couple, possess excellent taste in clothes and accessories and can warm every single one’s heart with their smile.

The duchess can often be noticed wearing the Princess’s jewelry that she inherited as the Princess wanted the brides of her heirs to wear whatever she would leave after her.

The Wedding Ring

In this picture, Kate is wearing the wedding ring of the late Princess with which the Prince proposed her. It should be, of course, mentioned that the ring is made of white gold, sapphire with diamonds and created by Garrard.

The Tiara

The Tiara the duchess is wearing here was given by the Princess herself and is covered with pearls and diamonds.


The Earrings

The charming Princess’s one of the most favorite jewelries was exactly these earrings which now go well with her wedding ring. No one would argue that the duchess looks simply gorgeous and very elegant wearing the Princess’s jewelry.

The Bracelet

The bracelet made of pearls was made by talented Nigel Milne in the year 1988. Here, the duchess was present at the premiere of Clarchens Ballhaus held in Berlin and was wearing exactly this iconic bracelet.

There is no need to mention that the duchess was gifted so many other valuable things from the other member of the family. For example, if we take her bracelet that she is wearing in this picture, it was given by Camilla Parker, the beloved woman of Prince Charles.

What an excellent taste she has!

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