The most valuable and elegant jewelry of Middleton which always remain the center of everyone’s admiration

Middleton’s most valuable jewelry showing her unique and excellent taste

Though it is not really acceptable for the duchess to wear expensive and valuable jewelry when appearing in public, Middleton, anyway, sometimes affords her to do so. It is worth mentioning that the unique and elegant jewelry of the duchess don’t let anyone stay indifferent and clearly depict the legendary lady’s distinctive taste.

The ordinary village girl’s life dramatically changed as soon as the Prince, after dating her for a decade, proposed to her and Middleton successfully became one of the honorable members of the British royal family. In spite of her position, Kate remains the same humble and modest girl making absolutely everyone admire her.

It is strongly believed that one of the most valuable piece of jewelry Middleton possesses is her proposal ring which is worth 550 thousand dollars.

Whereas the Princess’s tiara containing nineteen pearls, arches and spikes of diamond costs 1 million dollars.

It should be noted that among the duchess’s most beloved jewelry is her diamond bracelet which she has worn twice during diplomatic meetings.

The Princess’s least valuable jewelry is considered to be her Cartier necklace costing 160 thousand dollars made out of several kinds of gold at a time. Her elegant earrings are also worthy of consideration.

Which one among her jewelry did you like the most?


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