The devoted father in mermaid look fulfilled his little daughter’s dream becoming a new Internet star

The man let his kid’s dream come true and became a star with his mermaid look

Today’s talented photographer from the US who is specializing in photoshoot of children who, most frequently, want the looks of princesses, fairies and mermaids, had an 8-year-old client whose cherished dream was to have an interesting photoshoot with her beloved father.

Both the 8-year-old child and her father were in specially and thoroughly designed mermaid’s looks and while they were posing in water, the photographer did her job brilliantly.

It is worth mentioning that this amazing photoshoot immediately went viral the internet and gained about 30 thousand likes on Facebook, a number of comments and more than 150 000 shares.

The American Photographer was really touched by them claiming that this photoshoot is definitely among his most creative and interesting one during his whole life and he could clearly see the close and warm bond between the father and his little daughter.

A number of network users highly praised the man who, despite the stereotypes of muscularity and courage, could fulfill his adorable daughter’s dream. They are more than sure that when the girl gets older and looks at this photoshoot, she will burst into tears and, of course, realize how much her father actually loves her.


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