The bride of the “Dancing Millionaire” demonstrated an already visible belly  

53-year-old “dancing millionaire” named Gianluca Vacca and his 25-year-old fiancee Sharon Fonseca will soon become parents.

The peculiar couple is expecting a baby girl, Sharon announced not so long ago.

Meanwhile, the future parents carry on enjoying each other’s company and from time to time dance merrily, which has become the hallmark of a happy family. Sharon doesn’t seem to be bothered by her already visibly grown belly, and she loves it when the three of them dance together with the whole family.

As for the future father, he simply adores his bride and is waiting impatiently for the birth of the baby. Recently, Gianluca made up his mind to please his beloved by organizing for her a romantic date and a photo session. “The Dancing Millionaire,” said that when he touches Sharon’s belly, the baby begins to strike violently. “She either says hello or sends me,” the man remarked with a laugh.

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