“So thin!” Fans are bothered about Adele, who doesn’t stop losing weight  

32-year-old Adele carries on losing weight.

Remember that the beauty said goodbye to the hated kilograms, dropping half of her weight. Nevertheless, judging by the recent shots, the singer is not going to stop there, continuing to lose weight.

Faithful fans of Adele are bothered about the singer, who looks tired and weary in the recent shot.

“Adele, stop!”, “Stop it, lovely!”, “What are those bags under the eyes?”, “She looks so weary”, “Adele, you are charming. Stop dropping weight”, “Just a queen”, “Weird smile and dark circles under the eyes”, “I’m afraid for her”,

“Is she ok?”, “Be jealous quietly”, “Bravo, queen”, “Carry on, Adele”, and “You are the best,” commented the followers of the artist.

What can you say about such big changes? How do you feel about being overweight? Share your experience in the comments. In my opinion, Adele looks amazing. I would like to lose a couple of kilograms just as easily.

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