She ceased aging at 20. This woman is mistaken for the son’s younger sister or girlfriend  

The woman mysteriously ceased aging as if she stopped on the doorstep of her 20th birthday.

Briton Shimmy Mushi is 41 years old. However, in appearance, a woman cannot be over 18-20 years. How is this probable? Maybe plastic or costly procedures. According to Shimmy herself, not the first, but the second. It’s just that the woman mysteriously ceased aging, as if she stopped on the doorstep of her 20th birthday.

Shimmy’s life was not passed easy and joyful. At the age of 20, a young woman had a son, whom she raised herself. Furthermore, over the years, Shimmy agonized from an infrequent digestive disorder that caused her to spew many times a day. Nevertheless, she manages to keep an amazingly youthful and flourishing appearance.

The woman remembers that she began to spot how the faces of her fellows were aging and transforming. Everyone had the first wrinkles, the first ashy hairs, but she remained the way she was. When the son of Shimmy named Amin grew up, they were mistaken for a brother and sister or a love couple. Shimmy remembers how a teacher approached her at a parent-teacher meeting and said that she would prefer to see Amin’s mother instead of his younger sister.

All this may seem complimentary, but there are also a number of disadvantages. So, Shimmy still needs a passport in the drinks section, and sometimes she is refused service at all or allowed into a bar. Amin is sometimes uncomfortable when they are once again mistaken for a love couple. However, he is pleased that the beauty and youth of his mother amaze everyone.

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