“Shakira is no longer the same.” The 43-year-old artist surprised followers with a new shot  

As everyone says, you can’t please everyone.

Recently, Shakira who is 43, posted new shots with fans on Instagram, facing criticism from Internet users. “Armchair critics” spotted wrinkles in the star’s shot, believing that the beauty had lost her position.

Shakira’s followers noticed that the artist’s appearance had faded, and the connection with the brand had vanished somewhere. “Shakira is not the same”, “She is old”, “I don’t recognize our beloved artist in her”, “Why is she so unhappy”, “She just didn’t use Photoshop”, “Charming”, “But I like her anyway”, “Lovely singer”, “Very charming”, “So natural”, “Did she do the plastic operation? Why doesn’t she look like her? “Weird photo,” commented followers.

I think, Shakira just looks excellent for her age. A woman grows with honor, without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. Do you like this artist?

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