Nothing from mother, father’s copy. 16-year-old Deva Kassel appeared without any cosmetics  

The 16-year-old daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel rapidly and confidently conquers the fashion industry.

She has been working closely with the Dolce Gabanna brand for two years now. Commonly fans see the girl during a photo shoot with makeup, hair as well as other accessories.

But this time the daughter of popular parents made up her mind to show herself in all her glory without any cosmetics. The girl was photographed in the mirror in the top of the swimsuit and with her hair still wet.

Fans spotted that the girl is very similar to her father, and some emphasized that Deva is a copy of her mother. Although Monica at Flora’s age looked quite different, and her features were softer. What is your point of view? What does the future celebrity look like?

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