Nobody could understand why this man made doors on the grass until he opened them

This is what happened when this man opened the doors he made on the grass

Probably each and every parent is well aware of the fact that playing with sand in an inseparable and essential part in the development of the organism of their child. Whereas the public sandboxes can sometimes be rather dangerous for little kids who play in them after animals and birds visited the place.

This devoted father was trying to find a solution to this problem and he eventually managed to! A brilliant idea suddenly came to his mind. The man made an original sandbox on his own. You may first think that it is simply a door, but when he opens it, it becomes a bench which is a pure delight for all children.

In evenings, as soon as the children are already done with playing, their parents close the doors and no one and nothing can be a threat for their small “playing zones”.

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