“Lost her charm!”: Hollywood actress Jolie’s admirers were greatly surprised with her recent appearance

Jolie’s appearance caught by paparazzi raised questions on social media 😳🧐

It should be noted that one of the cult and most well-known actresses in Hollywood film industry now can rarely be caught in public since she undertakes everything possible in order not to be frequently recognized and photographed by paparazzi. However, they were recently fortunate enough to catch the actress while she was taking a walk with her heiress.

Many of her fans, believe it or not, refused to admit that it is actually Jolie. They hardly recognized their idol who was hiding her face with a scarf, instead of a mask and looked rather unusual. It was quite obvious that the Hollywood celebrity definitely lost much weight and looked unhealthily thin.

“Why is she wearing a coat? Is it so cold in Los Angeles?”, “As she is extremely thin, she is constantly cold!”, “Doesn’t look the same”, “Attractive and confident Jolie is no longer the same”, “It took me a while to realize that this is Jolie!”.

What films have you watched starred by her?

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