“Looks like his mother, not fiancée”: The grey-haired fiancée of Reeves was heavily criticized for her appearance

The actor appeared in public with his grey-haired fiancée who looks older than him

Despite being already 57, the great and legendary Hollywood film star still keeps delighting his loyal fans with his brilliant and impressive roles in movies. Whereas recently, people were literally left speechless seeing the iconic and good-looking actor accompanied with a grey-haired woman with a rather plain appearance according to his fans. And once the netizens became aware of the fact the Alexandra, his beloved, is actually not older than him, they were shocked.

A number of his fans strongly refused to believe that the legendary actor ultimately chose such an ordinary woman who is now liked by far not everyone.

The netizens rushed to call her “An ordinary granny”. “She’s definitely not for him”, “How unkempt she looks!”.

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