Legendary performer Lady Gaga shared a photo without retouching and putting on cosmetics

This is how gorgeous Lady Gaga looks without makeup and photo retouching

The 34-year-old performer never ceases to delight her fans with her charm and brightness. The cult woman periodically shares her “honest” pictures showing herself without makeup and Photoshop. It, of course, should be noted that Gaga has over 43 million subscribers and it seems like she sees no need in putting on cosmetics.

However, far not everyone rushed to compliment the legendary woman on her natural appearance. Some managed to find flaws and imperfections claiming that Gaga doesn’t possess “right” facial features.

And recently, after posting a photo without wearing makeup and showing her natural look, the star received such comments as “She definitely has something special”, “What a sharp nose!”, “Flawless facial features”, “The Queen”, “How charismatic she actually is!”.

What do you think? Does she look beautiful without makeup?

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