Legendary actor Brosnan with his heirs recently took part in a photoshoot for the magazine GQ

This is how iconic film star Brosnan’s heirs Dylan and Paris look today

We all certainly know Pierce Brosnan, a praiseworthy, exemplary and well-known film star widely recognized for his legendary role of James Bond.

Apart from this cult role, the talented actor gained world fame and popularity delighting absolutely every on-viewer with a number of other great films he brilliantly starred in.

It should be noted that lately, the Hollywood celebrity took part in a photoshoot for a popular magazine with his handsome and attractive sons which is about to be released very soon.

In the following interesting shots, we can see Paris, his 21-year-old heir and Dylan, Brosnan’s 25-year-old son.

Looking at these captivating photos one can immediately conclude that his heirs have definitely had some experience in the realm of modeling and are well aware of how to pose for photos properly.

Besides all the positive comments highly praising the father with his heirs, some rushed to claim that Dylan and Paris definitely inherited the color of their eyes and hair from their charming mother.

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