It turns out that senility can be lovely too. The elderly couple from Berlin conquered the Internet with their lavish style  

It is hard to meet stylish grandparents in our country.

Our 60-70-year-old retired society is sure that they “have lived their lives” and can finally put an end to themselves, living out their ultimate days, going with the stream.

Definitely, small pensions play a huge role in the brand of life of our elderly, I do not argue. Today I want to present you with an elderly couple from Berlin who hit the Internet with their lavish style.

Britt and Gunther dress up as fashion show characters. This incredible couple visits various dance floors as well as enjoys taking part in all kinds of cultural events.

These guys successfully stand out from the crowd, enjoying great fame on the Internet. Netizens rave about Britt and Gunther’s style, calling them Berlin’s most fashionable older couple.

It turns out that senility can be lovely too. Did you like this couple? Share your view in the comments.

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