“Is she even getting older?”: Model Naomi Campbell looks like a youthful girl in her recent photo

The fans of 50-year-old Naomi Campbell can’t stop admiring the celebrity

Many are wondering how some women can manage to look 20 and no more in their 40s, 50s or even 60s. When they are asked about their secrets to eternal beauty and youth, each of them without exception remarks the significant importance of regular sports, good sleep and proper eating. Of course, sometimes their genes can play a huge role in their appearance.

The prime example of the previously mentioned is N. Campbell. Even at her 50, the model looks absolutely stunning.

One of her recent selfies was posted on the network which didn’t let anyone stay indifferent towards the model. No one could take their eyes of her.

The followers of the gorgeous woman were pleasantly surprised with her grace and attractiveness.

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