Iconic actor Carrey at his 60 still prefers women who are much younger than the man

Legendary Hollywood actor Jim Carrey was caught with a youthful Asian girl

Legendary actor Jim Carrey is regarded one of the most famous and legendary actors who managed to build a drizzling career and be a success. No single woman is able to remain indifferent towards the cult actor. As we know, the film star has been in relationships with many young girls and hasn’t quitted his habit yet.

The iconic movie star wasn’t caught by the paparazzi and didn’t appear in public for a long time. His loyal fans even suggested that the actor suffers depression and they got extremely concerned about his health. Whereas lately, the Hollywood celebrity delighted his followers appearing with a young Asian girl. By the way, he looked absolutely healthy and happy.

The girl with whom the actor appeared caused a lot of discussions on the web and some are more than sure that she is the new girlfriend of their beloved actor.

What do you think? Are they dating?

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