“How did she look as a youthful lady?”: Here are archival photos revealing Sigourney Weaver in her youth

This is how Hollywood actress Weaver looked when she was young

Here you will see one of the most outstanding and prominent Hollywood film stars Sigourney Weaver who, with her huge talent and charisma, can brilliantly play any single role starting from a delicate lady to a woman of a powerful character. Apart from her successful career in the film industry, Weaver is considered to be one of the most attractive and feminine actresses of our time. Even in her 70s, the iconic woman, without rushing to undergo plastic operations and beauty procedures, looks literally stunning.

Sigourney was born to a family of artists and she clearly realized that she would find herself in the theatre and film industry. It is rather surprising that the cult actress was called “an ugly duckling” in her childhood.

Most of her classmates constantly mocked her claiming that she looked like a ridiculous clown due to her unusual height which then was 180 cm. Meanwhile, all this failed to break Weaver and she confidently entered a University, received higher education and then mastered in acting realizing her cherished dream of becoming an actress. One might have seen her in such great movies as “Alien”, “Annie Hall”, etc.

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