Here are late Princess Diana’s depressive thoughts and inner struggle during the period of her pregnancy

Here is Princess Diana’s diary and her thoughts during the period of her pregnancy

Everybody knows that the marital life of the royal spouses had lasted 15 years, while it is no secret that the Prince actually loved another woman of whom he had dreamed all his life and wasn’t able to forget. At that time, it was barely allowed to share and talk about personal problems and Diana had to cope with her inner struggle and depression on her own. Her psychologist suggested that she should use a diary which would undoubtedly help her feel relieved and less stressed and devastated.

Later, investigating her notes in the diaries the expects found out that the Princess intended to commit a suicide even before the deeds of Prince Charles were officially announced. In her diary, she shared her most intimate thoughts.

In addition to her struggle, Prince Charles constantly insisted on her to look better and lose weight and all this, unluckily, affected the woman’s health. As it is known, shortly after their official divorce, the woman didn’t live long and was killed because of a serious car accident leaving absolutely everyone in tears.

We hope that in the near future we will learn more about our beloved Princess from her diaries.

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