Here are Freddie Mercury’s archival photos who was the leader of the legendary group “Queen”

Unpublished photos from the personal archive of the leader of the group “Queen”

There is probably no one who doesn’t know legendary Freddie Mercury who was a man of huge talent. Besides this, the cult musician attracted his audience with his atypical way of thinking and eccentric nature.

Mercury, misfortunately, passed away early, whereas his life was full of fond and remarkable moments. We can surely say that no other group’s success was as great as that of “Queen” the leader of which was Freddie.

The legendary group was world famous and constantly organized concerts all over the world. For example, the musicians had been to Japan for 6 times and wherever they went people welcomed the iconic men with applauds and endless love.

There had been taken a lot of fantastic shots from all the concerts abroad as well as with friends, at home and during vacations. The legendary man was always different, whereas he had never lost his uniqueness and charm. Mercury possessed an excellent sense of humor and was often called “the soul of companies”.

The talented artist passed away in 1991 at the age of 45. It has already been 29 years that he left us, whereas his great songs and a single thought of the man will never cease to warm our hearts. He was truly a legend.

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