“Had his 8th child at 64!”: American film star Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have had their 8th child

Prominent actor Baldwin at his 64 has become a father for the 8th time

The prominent American actor has become a father for the 8th time. His beloved young wife, who is only 38-year-old, gave birth to an adorable girl and, in fact, it has been her 7th child.

It should be noted that Hilaria is a yoga instructor, leads a healthy lifestyle and tries to always eat in a proper way in order to keep herself fit and healthy.

The eldest daughter of the beautiful couple has turned 9 and is named Karmen. They are currently raising their heir Raphael (9 y.o), Leonardo (6 y.o), Romeo (4 y.o), Eduardo (2 y.o) and Luci who is still 1.

It is worth mentioning that Baldwin has an heiress from his first marriage who is already 26. And how surprised and delighted the actor’s fans got once they learnt their 8th baby has come into this world.

May we all congratulate the spouses!

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