Does she really deserve the title “The prettiest girl on Earth”? Here is Hadid before her radical transformation

Photos showing one of the iconic models of our time before plastic surgeries

It is worth mentioning that American supermodel B. Hadid has recently been regarded the most beautiful woman on our planet. Millions never cease to admire her due to her unrealistic beauty, femininity as well as her special and absolutely unique role in the world of modeling.

However, there is a number of network users who firmly claim that her beauty is exceptionally owing to plastic operations and rush to show her archival photos proving the previously mentioned.

As she got actively engaged in the modeling industry since her young ages, it won’t take much to find Bella’s old archival photos revealing her natural appearance before the plastic surgeries she has undergone. Believe it or not, it actually turned out that one of the iconic models of our time used to possess a completely different shape of face. It immediately became obvious that the shape of her eyes, chin and nose has undergone radical changes.

Many are more than sure that it is not right at all to give the model who has had a number of plastic surgeries the title of the prettiest woman on our planet. However, Hadid’s loyal fans never cease to support and stand up for their idol.

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