“Does crazy things to please her young boyfriend”: Madonna surprised with her completely new look

Madonna does experiments on her appearance to satisfy her young boyfriend Andrei

The cult celebrity and show business star greatly surprised her followers with some dramatic changes on her appearance. The experiments she is currently carrying on her body are simply for the sake of her young boyfriend whose name is Andrei. Since her new beloved is quite a stylish man, the legendary woman does absolutely everything to correspond to him and not to be left behind.

First, she completely changed her hair color dying it ginger-brown and left everyone speechless with her bright and extravagant look. A deep neckline is an inseparable part of her glamorous image. And, of course, she slightly opened her mouth the way she does in many of her photos.

Some rushed to compliment the cult woman on her fashionable and state-of-art image claiming that she looks much younger. Meanwhile, the others criticized Madonna saying that she does such things that are not acceptable for a woman her age.


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