“Cassel’s wife will definitely get jealous!”: Italian diva Bellucci was caught in a restaurant with her ex-husband

The paparazzi caught Bellucci with her ex-husband Cassel in a restaurant

Recently, the paparazzi managed to catch the Italian actress and model having dinner with her ex-husband, Vincent Cassel. Many rushed to congratulate the couple on restoring their relationship whereas in fact, the ex-spouses decided to meet in order to support their daughter Deva.

It is worth mentioning that their elder heiress is growing into a real beauty. After her filming, the family gathered together in a restaurant and seemed to have a fantastic time.

Professional photographers successfully caught the very moment sharing the photos on the web. “Won’t Tina be jealous of?”, “Did they decide to be together again?”, “While the current wife of the French actor is on vacation on the islands, the man didn’t miss the chance to see his ex-wife”, “What a harmonious couple”, “Bellucci suits him more!”.

Do you think they are together?

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