“Born with a heart-shaped mark!”: How does the unique child with a mark in the shape of heart look now?

This is how the adorable infant with a heart-shaped mark on his face looks today

As soon as this sweet and absolutely unique newborn came into this world, the infant managed to immediately charm everyone. Once the baby boy was born, the doctors tried to clean whatever was on his forehead, whereas it soon turned out that it was actually a huge birthmark in the shape of a heart.

Though the awesome baby is already a schoolboy, he still remains quite famous and adored by millions owing to his uniqueness. The interesting mark in the shape of a heart gives him more charm without letting anyone stay indifferent towards the little boy.

The doctors guaranteed that the birthmark would probably disappear when the child became 6-8. However, as it is clearly seen, it hasn’t vanished at all.

“God-kissed”, “What an interesting uniqueness”, “Once in a blue moon”, “Haven’t seen anything before”, “A future supermodel”.

What do you think about his uniqueness?

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