Any girl would love to have such curls. 15 brutal handsome men whose luxurious hair will not leave you indifferent  

It’s no secret that most men prefer short and practical hairstyles.

And this is not surprising, because there is so much excitement around long hair. Moreover, many people associate the image of a brave and cruel man with a short haircut. It’s possibly just a stereotype, though. But the handsome machos of our today’s collection proves the opposite by their instance. Just look at their gorgeous long hair, we think every woman dreams about it. Well, looking at the long-haired “heroes” themselves, hardly anyone will try to doubt their masculinity. Do you find men with long hair attractive? Share your point of view in the comments.

What did the Greek gods look like?

Any girl has the desire to have such curls.

Okay, wow, how long does it take to grow hair like that?

Okay, who said men can’t have long hair?

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