“A granny who is passionate about fashion”: Here is a gorgeous 53-year-old woman who is a grandmother of two

Meet the most fashionable granny who attracted the network with her gorgeousness

In many cases, people start to look even more beautiful, charming and attractive in their 40s and even 50s and their gorgeous and stylish look is thanks to their diligent work, effort and a healthy lifestyle they lead. Those who keep taking good care of themselves, regularly attending the gym and trying to always eat in a proper way are likely to maintain their beauty and attractiveness. And here is the most fashionable and gorgeous grandmother according to a number of people.

Here is Jacqueline Berrido Pisano who recently became a new Internet celebrity.

It is utterly impossible to guess how old Pisano actually is!

Having Serbian origins, Jacqueline currently lives in Italy with her heiress and, believe it or not, grandchildren.

The gorgeous woman has thousands of fans and admirers on the network and never ceases to delight them with her spectacular and mind-blowing looks.

She is a philologist and polylingual who runs her own business and is a big success.

Despite her age, she keeps taking care of herself and looks well-groomed and stunning.

She is simply passionate about fashion. Apart from her profession and business, Jacqueline is a popular blogger who influences other people.

Believe it or not, Pisano is a grandmother of two and her daughter is already 33. She first introduced herself to the public as “A grandmother who likes fashion”.

She is truly an influential and unique personality.

What is your personal opinion about this grandmother who leads a healthy lifestyle, regularly does trainings and looks simply gorgeous?

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