What does a little Japanese child with a lion’s mane look like after 4 years

Here we shall speak about a baby with incredibly thick hair resembling the mane of a young lion.
Little Japanese Chanko was born at the end of December in 2017. And her parents immediately realized that her daughter was special and unique. On her head was a whole shock of blue-black thick hair.

Yes, many babies can boast of a voluminous hairstyle. But usually the first hairs are soft, and after 2-4 months they fall out and are replaced by permanent hair. But Chanko was lucky. Even at 4 months old, she was still the owner of a real dark lion’s mane. And even by the age of six months, the hairstyle remained almost the same as it was at birth.

The mother of a dark-haired Japanese girl, Mani Kano, decided to take advantage of her daughter’s amazing gift of nature. She started a separate Instagram account for Chanko, where she began to share pictures of a unique girl. And the baby was immediately noticed. And today she has more than 360 thousand subscribers. Everyone is just delighted with the little Japanese girl’s hair.

Chanko was noticed not only by ordinary Internet users. Since the pictures of the girl were rapidly spreading not only in Japan, but also on the world Wide web, the media and advertising agencies drew attention to them. And already at the age of one, Chanko became the face of an advertising campaign developed for the popular shampoo brand Pantene. In this advertisement, the girl starred together with Japanese actress and national star Sato Kondo.

Now Chanko is four years old. She is growing rapidly and basking in the love of her parents and fans. The baby’s hair has become less thick and a little lighter, but they remain the same voluminous and eye-catching. The girl is actively invited to various Japanese TV shows and other events, she takes part in photo shoots for fashion magazines and, judging by the Instagram page, leads an active and cheerful children’s life.

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