“Unusually broad shoulders”: Lopez was criticized for her unusual look in a dress with a big neckline

Lopez was criticized for her unusually broad shoulders in a dress with a neckline

The superstar and the idol for millions never ceases to delight her fans with her charming look and it is, sometimes, hard to believe that the celebrity is already at her 53 as she has maintained very well.

This time, the world famous star appeared in a black dress with a deep neckline and was on high heel. Lopez completed her extravagant look with a ponytail, light makeup and miniature earrings. Such a dress made the Hollywood star’s shoulders seem much broader for which the woman received negative comments.

Her fans didn’t appreciate their beloved artist’s unusual look and many even rushed to compare the American celebrity’s shoulders with those of ballet dancer Volochkova.

“Doesn’t she have any stylists?”, “This type of dresses doesn’t really suit her”, “Such a sporty figure”, “What broad shoulders”.

What can you say?

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