“They are together again!”: Model Shayk recently posted photos with her ex-husband Cooper

Shayk and her ex-husband Cooper seem to have restored their relationship

The Russian model and her husband divorced in 2019 shortly after the birth of their heiress. Although, the couple remained in quite a good relationship. It is worth mentioning that Shayk and Cooper divorced silently, without any scandals and without comments. The ex-spouses often walk together with their daughter, go to cafes and visit parks.

Most interestingly, the couple recently delighted their fans with their joint photos in which they looked absolutely happy and seemed to have restored their relationship. This act was quite surprising as they haven’t shared any joint photos after their divorce.

Their followers rushed to come to conclusion that the couple restored their relationship and want to try one more time. The network users were happy for them as neither Shayk nor Cooper had a serious relationship after their divorce.

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