These are the rarest archival photos of world famous celebrities that you have hardly ever seen

This is how popular celebrities looked in their childhood years and now

We all have idols and those who always inspire and motivate us to become better and realize our goals and ambitions. Whereas we are only used to seeing them in public, events or on the Red Carpet actually having no idea what they looked like in their childhood or youth years.

So, here are the rarest photos of the most popular stars which will definitely surprise you since in those pictures they look simply unrecognizable.

Cameron Diaz, she celebrated her 48th birthday.

J. Roberts, the actress has already turned 53.

Jim Carrey in his childhood and now at the age of 59

Keanu Reeves

He had the same hairstyle as now.

Charlize Theron then and now

She is already in her 40s

Scarlett Johansson, already 36 years old

Matthew McConaughey in his childhood and now at the age of 51

Jennifer Aniston, the same angelically beautiful eyes

Jason Momoa

The legendary actor is already 41.

Emilie Clarke, currently 34

Roberts Pattinson was a blond kid. He is now 34.

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