These are interesting combined pictures of famous movie stars with their most popular and successful roles

Here are legendary actors and actresses with their most popular movie roles

There is a large number of talented and praiseworthy people who managed to gain world famous and achieve success for their legendary roles in the film industry. Some of them instantly became popular and demanded thanks to a single role which turned out to be a sensation and these artists are mainly associated with those characters they played. Nowadays, thanks to Photoshop, retouching and photo editing it became possible to combine famous film stars with their most well-known and legendary roles.



90s S. Stallone

Breaking Bad

E. Ripley

D. Targarryen

M. McFly

A. Powers

F. Gump


F. Baggins

D. Radcliffe

K. McAllister


D. Mlfoy

G. King

R. DeWitt Bukater

I. Jones

H. Granger

J. Sparrow

D. Michaels




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