These are 20 legendary actors and actresses placed in combination with their most popular roles

Here are 20 well-known film stars placed with their most famous roles

It is apparent that all directors and producers try to find actors and actresses who look like and have, to some extent, the same energy as that of the characters they are going to personify. Whereas in many cases the viewers get dissatisfied or even disappointed witnessing their beloved film stars in their everyday life realizing that they actually have nothing in common with the characters they portrayed. Of course, they should bear in mind that in creating such roles, a group of makeup artists, hairstylists and costume designers work hard in order to help the artist brilliantly correspond to the character.

Thanks to the skills of Photoshop, a talented and creative artist combined famous actors and actresses with their most popular and well-known roles. Here they are!

M. Leblanc and Tribbiani

J. Carrey with Christmas

M. Hamill and Skywalker

B. Skarsgard and famous Pennywise

Depp with the Hatter

E. Watson with Hermione from “Harry Potter”

H. Ford and Indian Jones

K. Winslet and Rose from “Titanic”

T. Felton and Draco Malfoy

M. Culkin with Kevin from “Home Alone”

D. Radcliffe and Harry Potter himself

J Fox and McFly

E. Clarke with Targaryen

B. Cranston and Walter White

E. Wood and Frodo

M. Bobby Brown with Eleven from “Stranger Things”

M. Myers with Powers

H. Jackman accompanied with Wolverine

S. Stallone and Rocky

J. Phoenix and Joker

They all have undoubtedly played an irreplaceable role in the film industry and the characters they brilliantly played are still adored by millions.

Have you watched any of these films?


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