“The best actor of the 20th century”: This is how comedian de Funes looked in his youth

Here is a comedian Louis de Funes: How did he look when he was young?

There is a large number of artists, film stars and celebrities who managed to gain popularity and achieve big success when they were already adult or sometimes even aged. As a result, their fans and admirers have no idea what they actually used to look like at a young age.

Though it has already been more than three decades this iconic French comedian passed away, the great films he brilliantly starred in are still rewatched and literally adored by millions.

Funes became a demanded and popular comedian in the 60s taking part in movies every single year. He was believed to be one of the most talented and praiseworthy actors of the 20th century.

And probably everyone is curious about how the actor looked when he was still youthful.

These are the rarest archival photos of the French comedian where he was still young and, it is worth noting that the man looked much alike his granny which becomes clear when we take a look at the photos of the woman.

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