“Sheikhs’ life!”: This is what the interior of the world’s most luxurious aircraft looks like

Here is the most luxurious plane on Earth: How does it look from inside?

Sheikhs certainly know what a luxurious life actually means. The national air company Etihad Airways in the Arabian Emirates demonstrated the most luxurious and comfortable conditions for flights. Currently, for those who are used to luxury, there is no need to charter a plane, the spacious A380 will definitely provide suitable apartments.

This project was launched about a year ago. This VIP aircraft was designated by replacing the state symbols on the wings and tail section with colored triangles.

This plane model has two decks and four levels of comfort. Economy, business, first classes are located below and the second floor is for luxury residents.

Here there are seats for a single person and a couple. In front of the seats, one can find an appropriate area for eating and there is also a cinema hall. In the gorgeous bedroom, there is a huge and comfortable bed. There is a bathroom as well.

Such luxurious conditions in the aircraft cost about 1,5 million rubles and, by the way, the passenger seats are reserved beforehand, sometimes even 1 year before the flight.

The distance between the passengers constitutes about 5 meter so they won’t disturb each other. Whereas if the passengers want to communicate they easily can do so with the help of moveable windows. In case of confuses, the smart windows are blocked.

Reserving such passenger seats, one can get nothing but pure pleasure. Here you are given an opportunity to relax comfortably. The transforming chair provides a full-fledged berth. The users of business class don’t have to be concerned about the little things, the standard set includes all the necessities. What is more, the tail section of the upper floor provides a bar with comfortable coaches for business passengers.

Whereas the economy class users are provided with comfortable pillows as well and sets especially designed for kids.

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