People can’t point out all the cats in the photo

A challenge for all of you 

There’s no doubt, that there are cats in the photo. And if you’ve seen only three of them, you’re wrong.

Just continue. Are you able to find the fourth?

A reddit member KittyInALabCoat admitted the challenge of a photo, that her father took a few days ago. While she was looking at the photo her father was sure, that he captured the three ones.

“He didn’t noticed the fourth one, until I found it. I immediately thought of challenging my family.”

Many people can’t find the fourth one on the photo.

If you’re confused here’s the answer:

It turned out, that besides black cats there’s also a master of concealment near them.

And here’s his image.

Only cats can make such amazing photos.

“I like, that people found a lot of amusement in the photo.”

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