“Our childhood’s idol – Jhadi”: This is how the legendary star from the series “Clone” looks without makeup

Here is the iconic actress from “Clone”: How does the woman look at 55?

Can you recall the time when all the members of our family were impatiently and excitedly waiting for the release of new episodes of our favorite series “Clone”? Can you actually believe that it has already passed over 20 years?

There is no need to mention that all the actors and actresses have greatly changed since then, some of them have already aged and become simply unrecognizable. And the most beloved character, perhaps, of each and every viewer was Giovanna Antonelli who lately revealed her natural look without a gram of makeup and Photoshop.

The iconic film star made her followers fall in love with her once again showing off her well-groomed and charming appearance. It is hard to realize that the actress has already turned 55.

There were ill-wishers and haters as well who criticized the actress for her flaws and age-related changes in her appearance.

Have you watched the cult series?

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