On the day of wedding, the groom prepared a special surprise for the bride who works with unique children

The bride couldn’t hold her tears seeing the groom’s surprise made for her

This kind-hearted woman from Brazil is a talented speech therapist who works with kids who are diagnosed the syndrome of Down. She dedicates all her time to these poor children in order to help them develop their communicative and interacting skills. It is worth mentioning that her job is, of course, not the easiest one, whereas she truly loves her activity and literally can’t wait to go and see her patients every single day.

Recently, one remarkable event took place in the woman’s life – she happily got married. To their occasion, the newlyweds invited all their closest relatives and friends.

Her husband suddenly realized that actually there was something missing on their wedding and decided to prepare a very unique surprise for his beloved woman. He secretly contacted with the parents of the children his wife works with and invited them to their wedding ceremony.

And simply imagine the woman’s emotions when she saw a group of her patients coming towards her.

Four adorable girls and three awesome boys went to congratulate their speech therapist on her wedding. The charming girls were in snow-white dresses and the little boys were in suits.

Much attention was paid to those two adorable ones who decided to come by a little car. The bride couldn’t hold her tears back and immediately released her emotions. The eldest one of them gave the newlyweds their wedding rings.

“I thought my heart will not handle this. It was incredible!”: shared the kind-hearted woman.

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