“How has she changed so far?”: This is how the girl who starred in “Curly Sue” looks at the age of 42

Here is the famous star from “Curly Sue”: How has she changed so far?

This film was considered one of the most popular, beloved and successful ones in the 1990s the main character of which was excellently played by a 10-year-old girl named Alyson.

The great talent and charisma of the girl attracted absolutely every viewer. Afterwards, the charming girl wanted to become a musician and started to specialize in that sphere. She managed to create two musical groups which were quite successful.

When the girl participated in a TV show, the jury was simply delighted with the angelically beautiful and powerful voice of Alyson. What is more, they actually weren’t aware of who was standing in front of them.

Currently, the actress and musician is already 42 but it is simply impossible to believe in it as the woman doesn’t look more than 30. By the way, Alyson is a mother of three children.

What can you say?


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