Here are rare archival photos from “Titanic” by Cameron and the real process of the filming of the cult movie

This is how the legendary movie “Titanic” by James Cameron was actually filmed

Perhaps, there is actually no one in this world who hasn’t ever watched this legendary and cult movie by talented film producer James Cameron. Millions of people have already seen the film and it is utterly impossible to watch the emotional scenes without tears. Many are also wondering how the movie was filmed and what actually happened behind the scenes.

The world famous movie was released back in the 90s and, though there weren’t any opportunities and devises for special effects yet, the whole cast and the director of the film with their joint hard work and creativity successfully managed to give the viewers a bunch of sincere emotions excellently depicting the characters.

It is known that the director, J. Cameron was a perfectionist and, in fact, required a lot from the cast.

James was constantly there and controlled the actors’ and actresses’ gestures, speech, reactions and emotions. He even had the film stars act straight in the icy water to have more realistic scenes.

Despite the fact that the movie is a drama portraying the characters who had a tragic fate without a happy ending, the actors and actresses were very close to each other and the atmosphere of the film still warms their hearts.

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